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The Medallion of the Fiat











The medallion of The Fiat is worn not only by those who embrace to this spirituality, but others wear it as well.


The Promises


The promises attached to wearing the medallion of The Fiat are those composed in scripture…conceived within the womb of the Virgin, opening the hearts of Jesus and Mary, written in the blood of the Lamb, spilling into His Mothers hands, pouring forth upon the world.


It is an exterior manifestation of an interior disposition…


For those who are lost, it is a sign of their turning back toward God


For those who are sick, it is a sign of their trust in God and His Most Holy Will


For those who are suffering it is a sign of their union with the sufferings of Christ


For those who are bowed down by the weight of this world, it is a sign of their faith in God’s promise to raise them up


For all who wear it, it is a sign of their unity with the Will of God, who is their hope of salvation, undoing the yoke of Satan, setting the soul free, for “he who does the will of God abides forever.”(1 John 2:17)

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